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Advertorial Articles

A combination of “editorial” and “advertisement.” An advertorial is a sponsored article that uses content, graphics and video which allows advertisers to promote and highlight certain products or services. These days, alongside traditional advertising and in order to stand out and build trust and engagement with prospective customers, it is necessary for advertisers to provide valuable content and become a part of the user experience.

Guest Posts

We strive to build our content base and international relationships by prospecting, recruiting and on-board independent bloggers, influencers and premium publishers. Guest posts are always considered and publishing commercial content can be arranged

Reach us at office @ newscompany com.au

Editorial Content

Our journalists research, plan and write news features, magazine article and sponsored content copy.

Sponsored content articles are written to each customer's specifications with high quality English copy on any topic to suit any industry.

The articles that we write will typically be 350 - 450 words ( up to 10,000 words ) and contain a wide range of keywords to suit the client's SEO or web content strategy.

We work directly with business people who need to create content for web sites that will attract readers with an interest in specific topics.

Similarly, we work with SEO professionals to produce copy on any subject.

Our fees are negotiated having regard to the specific order and we are paid on delivery via PayPal

Content publication or placement.

We also offer an optional same day content publication service on websites related to the niche of the customer.

Get in touch with us at office@newscompany.com.au

How to be featured on a News Company website

We publish a range of global and Australian websites where we publish native content for marketers, brands and public relations professionals.

We create new articles from our own interviews with business people or we can publish content sent to us as sponsored posts.

We welcome news tips, story ideas and articles that are "news" and do not link to or promote a business. These are published at no cost.

Guest posts by accredited or qualified journalists or submissions by experts in their field are welcome.

We publish permanent sponsored posts and advertorial guest posts, infographics and sponsored general business guest posts with "Do Follow" links and these are not marked as sponsored unless we are asked to do so.

For permanent sponsored posts and content link placement, our modest cost recovery fees are a contribution towards our staff time.

News Company publishes advertising banners on our websites. Contact us to discuss banner display advertising charges.

We also place long term home page links in the resources sections on our high traffic websites.

If you do not want to create and submit a complete article, we add do follow links on our existing content on some posts for $15 USD.

Save - We offer a 5 link pack. Get 5 but pay for 4 @$15 USD each.

Save - We offer a discount price prepaid article 10 pack for $200.00 USD which can be used over time or all at once, on any of our websites.

News Company owns and publishes its websites. We are not brokers or agents. When dealing with News Company, you are communicating confidentially and directly with the publisher.

To find out more - Contact us at office @ newscompany.com.au or ceo @ rogersdigital.com

Our charges for permanent sponsored post publishing

$25 USD

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Guest post submissions that do not promote or link to a business, are welcome and these are published at no charge.

Articles that link to or promote a business will only published as sponsored posts.

Our pricing structure includes publishing one image in each article. There is no maximum word count.

Download a PDF of these details for the future https://www.NewsCompany.com.au/NewsCompany-Sponsored-Posts.pdf